Privacy policy

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") establishes the procedure for processing personal data, types of personal data collected, purposes of using such personal data, the interaction of the owner (hereinafter referred to as "Obmify", "Company") of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") with third parties, security measures for protecting personal data, and conditions for accessing them.

1.2. Obmify treats the confidential (personal) information of any individual who has visited the Site and uses the services provided through the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "User") with great respect. Obmify aims to protect the confidentiality of personal data (information or a set of information about an identified or identifiable natural person), thereby creating and ensuring the most comfortable conditions for using the Site's services for each user.

1.3. This Policy has been developed in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection", other laws, and subordinate normative legal acts. The Policy comes into effect from the moment of its publication on the Site.

1.4. The current version of the Privacy Policy is a public document developed by Obmify and is available to any user of the Internet when following the link «Privacy policy» .

1.5. Obmify does not control and is not responsible for third-party websites that the User may access through links available on the Site.

1.6. By using the Site, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy. In case of disagreement with the terms of this policy, the use of the Site by the User must be immediately terminated.

1.7. For questions regarding the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (including the deletion of personal data), as well as to exercise their rights provided by this Policy, the User can contact Obmify using the email address: [email protected]

2. Collection and Use of Personal Data

2.1. In order to fulfill the functions and tasks of the Site, as well as other purposes related to civil legal relations between the Company and the User, the latter, using the Site and the services provided through it, for the provision of which the Site was created, grants the Company permission to collect, accumulate, process, store, and use (including using automated tools), transfer personal data to third parties, the owner of which the User is.

2.2. The Company processes the following User data:

data provided by the User both when filling out registration forms and during the use of services;cookies;IP addresses;parameters and settings of internet browsers (User-agent).

2.3. The Company collects only those personal data that are knowingly and voluntarily provided by the User as the subject of personal data for the purpose of using the Site's services, which according to the law is the consent of the owner of personal data to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the purpose of their processing formulated in this Policy.

2.4. The Company limits the collection of the minimum amount of information necessary solely for fulfilling the request of the subject of personal data. In any case, where non-mandatory information is requested, the User will be notified at the time of collecting such information.

2.5. The personal data for which the User grants permission to the Company for collecting, accumulating, processing, storing, and using (including using automated tools) include:

surname and name, phone number, email address, or other contact details voluntarily provided by the User;information about the computer, including IP address, geographical location, type and version of browser, and operating system;information about visiting and using the website, including the duration of the visit, page views, navigation paths on the site, and more;information that the User enters when using services on the Site;information contained in any messages that the User sends to the Company by email or through the Site, including communication content and metadata;information that the User posts on the Site for the purpose of publication on the Internet, including the User's name, profile picture, and publication content;any other personal information that the User sends to the Company and enters on the Site.

2.6. By agreeing to the use of cookies during the initial visit to the Company's Site, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter - the Privacy Policy), the User grants the Company permission to use cookies for each subsequent visit to the Site.

3. User Rights

The user, concerning their own personal data provided for collection, accumulation, processing, storage, and use by the Company, has the right under the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection":

to know the sources of data collection, the location of their personal data, and the purpose of their processing;to receive information about the conditions of access to personal data;to have access to their personal data;to receive information about whether their personal data is being processed;to present a motivated demand to the Company to object to the processing of their personal data;to present a motivated demand for the change or destruction of their personal data if such data is processed illegally or is inaccurate;to protect their personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, or damage due to deliberate concealment, non-disclosure, or untimely provision, as well as protection from providing information that is untrue or defames the honor, dignity, and business reputation of an individual;to lodge complaints about the processing of their personal data with the Authorized Person of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights or the court;to use legal remedies in case of violation of legislation on personal data protection;to apply reservations regarding the limitation of the right to process their personal data when giving consent;to revoke consent to the processing of personal data;to know the mechanism of automated processing of personal data.

4. Processing of personal data

The collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, restoration, use, and dissemination (distribution, implementation, transmission), depersonalization, and destruction of personal data ("Processing of Personal Data") are carried out in data centers where the equipment that ensures the functioning of the Site's services is located.

5. Personal data retention period

Personal data to which the user provides access to the Company for collection, accumulation, processing, storage, and use are stored until it is necessary for the Company in accordance with the purpose of their processing unless otherwise established by Ukrainian legislation or the User's expression of will.

6. Protection of personal data

6.1. The Company uses generally accepted standards of technological and operational information protection, and personal data from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. These measures include an internal review of data collection, storage, and processing processes and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical data security measures to prevent unauthorized access to systems where personal data is stored. However, despite all efforts, the Company cannot guarantee absolute protection against any threats that arise beyond the regulation of the Company.

6.2. The user bears full responsibility for keeping confidential the information necessary for access to the Site.

7. Disclosure of Confidential Information and Personal Data

7.1. The Company is relieved of the obligation to comply with the Privacy Policy regarding the Personal Data of the consumer in cases where the consumer independently publicly discloses personal data.

7.2. The Company has the right to distribute the personal data of the consumer if the information obtained from the personal data is socially necessary, i.e. is a matter of public interest, and the right of the public to know such information outweighs the potential harm from its distribution.

7.3. The Company has the right to distribute the personal data of the consumer with the consumer's appropriate written consent.

7.4. The Company does not transmit personal data to third parties except in cases where such transmission is required by law, at the request of the subject of personal data, or in other cases set out in this Privacy Policy. The Company takes all possible measures to protect the user's personal information voluntarily and consciously provided to the Company.

7.5. The Company reserves the right to disclose the user's personal information to any of the Company's employees, manager, insurer, professional advisor, agent, supplier, or subcontractor, to the extent and for the purposes determined in this Privacy Policy and on the condition that such individuals consent to the confidentiality of such information and data in accordance with the Company's requirements.

7.6. The Site may contain links to other websites (solely for informational purposes). When following a link to other websites, the effect of this Privacy Policy will not apply to such sites. Therefore, the Company recommends familiarizing oneself with the privacy and personal data policy of each site before transmitting personal data that could identify the user.

8. reCaptcha

On the Site, we use the reCaptcha bot protection service. reCAPTCHA is an anti-spam service from Google. reCAPTCHA checks whether the data entered on our Site (e.g., on the feedback page) was filled out by a human or an automated program. The use of reCAPTCHA helps combat robots and spam. Additional information about reCAPTCHA can be found in the Privacy policy and Terms of use of reCAPTCHA.

9. Changes to the Policy

9.1. The Company may periodically and without prior notice to the User make changes and additions to this Policy, including changes to the requirements of the law.

9.2. By continuing to use the Site, the User confirms their agreement with the new terms of the Privacy Policy in the edition that is valid at the time of using the Site.

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