Getting started

Performing an Exchange

1. Choose the desired currency to exchange in the "Give" field. Select the currency you want to receive in the "Receive" field. If needed, enter an amount in the "Give" or "Receive" field. By default, we will display the rate per unit if no amount is specified.2. After selecting the currency pair, you will see a list of exchangers ready to perform the exchange you specified. Compare them and choose the one that suits you. Exchangers are sorted by "Best Rate" by default, but you can also sort them by "Best Rating".3. Since the monitoring is organized for your convenience, the limits for the selected pair are displayed on the page. If you previously entered an amount in the "Give" or "Receive" field, you will see exchangers that match your request. Exchangers that do not meet the limit will be highlighted in gray.4. To proceed with the exchange, click "Exchange" — you will be directed to the exchanger's website, where you can carry out the exchange with the previously specified parameters. Convenient, right? :)
"Top 5 exchange pairs" – provides quick access to popular exchange pairs over the last day. Select a pair with just one click if that's what you need.On every page, there's a "Support" button. If you don't understand something or need assistance, a real person from the Obmify team will be quick to help, so don't hesitate :)

Finding detailed information about an exchanger

1. Click on the exchanger's name to access its subpage in our monitoring. Here, you can view basic information about the exchanger: how many years it has been on the market, the exchanger's country, and its overall reserves. You can also see reviews about the exchanger and add your own if you've used their services before.2. You can also go to the exchanger's website from this page to ensure it suits you.

Everything you need to know about adding reviews

1. After completing an exchange transaction, you can leave a review about the exchanger in our Obmify monitoring. To do this, return to the exchanger's subpage and click the "Add Review" button. A form will open for you to fill out.2. All you need to do is rate the exchange service (from 1 to 5 stars). Ratings of 1, 2, and 3 are considered negative feedback for the exchange service. Remember that if you have any misunderstandings with the exchange service, you can always message us in the chat on the website or in Telegram, and we will help resolve the issue. Ratings of 4 and 5 are positive ratings.
So, shall we begin?
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